Published Writings

Wild Lilies, Irises, and Grasses: Gardening with California Monocots
Harlow & Jacob editors, University of California Press
“A Biodiverse Garden for the California Foothills”
Going Native; Biodiversity in Your Own Backyard
Brooklyn Botanical Garden
September 1994

“Designing the Dry Garden: Perennials for Sun”
Pacific Horticulture
Summer 1989

“Designing a Native Garden”
Pacific Horticulture
Summer 1988

Landscape Plans
Ortho Books

“California Perennials and Sub-shrubs”
October 1987

“Zauschneria californica ‘Solidarity Pink’, a New Introduction”
Pacific Horticulture
March 1985

“Some California Plants for the Rock Garden”
The Four Seasons
May 1984