Will Gunn

Project Manager

Will comes from Arizona, where at a young age he developed an affinity for the unique, expansive landscapes of the Southwest. His upbringing and education in the Sonoran Desert made him sensitive to water issues and adept in conservation strategies for today’s contemporary landscapes. He holds degrees in architecture and landscape architecture from Arizona State University, where he explored the intricate relationships between indoor/outdoor environments and focused on project narratives that span both disciplines. Will relocated to San Francisco and joined Lutsko Associates in 2012 where he’s worked on residential and hospitality projects both in Hawaii and California. Most notably, he’s worked on the Kua Bay Residence in Kona, Hawaii and the Maui Residence in Maui, Hawaii.

Selected Projects

Kua Bay Residence, Kona, HI
Hale Nukumo Residence, Kauai, HI
Maui Residence, HI